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Sorry For The Interruption (The Ep)

The Process of Elimination (P.O.E)

The Mind of a Petty Hustla

Started off in Milwaukee petty hustlin, never really hung with the
young dumb dumbs even though I was one....never really took music as a
life long journey thing (even though I was drawn to it) and was introduced to 88keys, 
I heard a beat for the first time and my whole head filled with words, I could 'nt fight this was like something was being drawn out of me....I left out
and sat in the car and wrote my first poem slash rap lol. The next day
I read it to my old heads and they quoted bars that I said and
said I had a Nas flow :0...this was my first rap.....I knew what my
calling was and saw the outcome in some kind of daydream NO BS. I've
grown into my style and continue to show growth. 

I can go in so many directions that I might need GPS, you know I've chosen the right one when you see me less,  I got 99 problems but I dont let them see me stressed, the attitude could turn rotten but its all about seeing me fresh. Wake up and smell the coffee, trying to get thosse star bucks, on that Im overdosing, get it in large cups, Im barred up, I get a better reception when I have a plan, and like employee of the month the progress board shows Im starred up, get charred bruh, Im on blaze, real blunt when ish get sparked up, let me rephrase, trying to get bank but they keep ringing the silent alarm huh, Im running in place but the excercise is good for the long run, all the madness is embraced cause you dealing with a strong one, catchin the bad end of the stick but on the toes im swift, you re in for a long one, in me theres no quit, Im so strict, I will not tolerate them throwing fits, I refuse to be hoed because and Im no trick, i will not be sold because money wont fold geah, a lil too exotic, cool as the breeze call me young tropics, parched because of hotness, tell them other boys to stop it, Im on empty but still ALL POCKETS, looking to refill and let jeans spill, all in due time, I'll let you all watch it.          A Dog......


I Got the strength to carry on, even though it seems everyone is against A, its like they want to bury homes, try to creamate and decease A, I'll be alright though and'll make sure they're very wrong, heart poured out on every song, from now on, using every muscle down to the gristle, and every bone, Im clean as a whistle to make sure my mind stays very strong, its easy to be a victim, weaklings....A got beastie, a winner that refuses to let life defeat me, as I transform from human form, transcend into infinity, you won't see the end of me, mortal men I am indestructable because i won't bend, won't break because its too much at stake, too much pride put in, if you re not on my side you're not kin, i don't care what family I was born in, its a difference between myself and them, look me in the face and turn away, cold blooded and yes the I hear the snakes hiss, I turn the other cheek not expecting a kiss, I was told to forgive but don't forget because their discretions are all on them,as I take last glances preparing to turn my back on evil grins, misrepresentation by affiliation but Im nothing like them....

Live is evil spelled backwards, that have to be why Im dying slowly, iving outside of the box, Im bummed with no roadie,young supposedly but the heart is filled with the oldies, made from back when things made sense is where I get  common sense, whoever is behind the wheel need not show fear because A will commandeer, false kings Im overthrowing....... Your Excellency


I don't feel these guys, this is senseless, its pointless, boys is dull thats why fingers are being pointed, I say get bent like Im double jointed, on them Im straight, they flatline while A pulsate, I keep growing and growing and growing, cultivate, style fertile, it populates, you everybodies sound? its like now the country is full of A, I hear my lines dropped and fumbled about, I pick up where they should've stayed, underground dog, I digs in like a groundhog, I held on to the silver spoon and plate when I could've ate, now its chow time Im in the messhall and I fill my face, I chose to go to war on the frontlines ready to kill the game, Im on this doubletime, no lover Im...a fighter, the state might need to rehabilitate, I got bars! convicton the beat, with a string of break ins, the industry I breaks in and check the murder rate, track me A beats the beat down, house of correction flow, facilitate, nothing else to do but bang on these walls and illustrate, come through and house ish like real estate, the bottom line is, buy or sell but Im tellin them they're running out of time, the habitats for humanity but I've been fixed up with a case of insanity, flow is crazy...strait jacket me, in this padded room...they can't take a crack at me, Im bout capital and small stays in back of me,the english is proper and the grammar is staggering, no liquor but the hard is thrown down actively, these fruity boys is so daquiri, giving straight shots, going against A is suicide, its a cliff hanger..I'm leaving boys on the rocks...........

I don't want in Im getting in, no friends I'd rather have associates, because in the end business makes friends just associates,(Bossed up)can give a care less Im making the most of this, things I get over quick these boys are like hurddles so expect me to jump over them,olympic status, rings...gotta have it, this torch is not ready to be passed yet because going the distance has become a habit, I've become a bandit because the skill has been taken for granted, Im the got A talkin spanish, comprende? understand what him say? A got that green card which means Im legitamate enough to get paid,no more under the table, Im trying to eat so cut the check...I been made, made man, if you're not the one who made man don't judge me so in other words....fuck the state man, Im trying to get the watch to rock, call that wrist bands, this is the resistance, I insist you can't resist and...the system keeps us twisted, steadiy trying to find ways to duck me off, thats why we yell suck me off! stroking my ego trying to fuck me off, they think A goin soft, overall this sums it up, cant add it up then that mean you're dumb as fuck! hard at work my sleeves Im rolling up, who cares what you have in store money holds it up, this is the stick up, I hit a lick bruh and Im not talking picking ya chick up, I eat out and thats what we call dinner, what I cook up is hot. I simmer before I sizzle.... I'll burn all, call me the sun...STAR! stuck in the middle, everything gravitates around me, A is centered....Annikhan


Look at what has been created, this ball of clay is being formed into greatness, whipped into shape from a form that was shapeless, from the void I've made it, tired to write me off but I create balance check the patience, I get in where I fit in forever is the placement, complexction was once deemed heinous until I brought the rosetta stone so they could understand that I speak a different language, real ish comes from realness, words are genuine..called special...autistic, seal of approval, they search for answers to see how I knew this, tell them good luck and try google, this is exclusive. certified, still licensed even though the flow kills and I was'nt meant to have the urge to drive, no road test but the instructor took the wheel to save my life and told me to move forward and never reverse it, now with this insight I see these skills Im cursed with, gifted on the surfac but on the inside its hurt here, its pain in the present but when I open up its worth it, in the future I see brighter days, Im talking everyday not just holidays, I can't begin to pray because I really don't know how to say that Im all in, looking inside and asking to help me dodge these false men and don't let Dog go astray, when the money comes into play please listen, keep me from these women thats out to get him, not Jermaine Taylor but I still have bad intentions, coming for the riches, its a must have and I have to get it,relentless has become a symptom(coughs)and the need for more money becomes a sickness, there was a time when I loved it so much I did'nt want to spend it, loved to see my cup runneth over but hated to when I spilled it, thanks for giving, never been a pilgrim, never been an indian, so I knew I was the chief, always was and will be grade A and thats why they want beef,notorious for coming out unscathed..glorious thats me, when Im down  and they think they have me beat, I stay on the mound at the top of the inning throwing heat, going the whole nine I got used to getting no relief, like a magician I always have something up the sleeve, I'll disappear far away from here, secluded like the islands...beach

Presidential...I will never be impeached, see me on this campaign and I'll never accept defeat they vote for me!

A Dog + Annikhan = YOUR EXCELLENCY

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Artist/Song Writer



From the original to the jaded, stop putting originals through the copying machine because the copies still get faded, A is in bold print, make the ink bleed, so good with the words it makes no sense, now tell the press to print these..

Don't enter the fence A rips clothes off pricks







A Dog aka Annikhan/Your Excellency

Coming from the Mind of a Petty Hustla the Eccentric Annikhan goes through the Process of Elimination to endure Lifes Journey

Sorry For The Interruption!​


Beware Of Dog...

Enter At Own Risk

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